Race Management

Split Second Timing has the most up-to-date inventory of race management equipment of any race management company in South Florida.

The staff of Split Second Timing are all paid employees who have been doing their jobs for years, and are experienced in their positions. No one has to be trained on race day except the volunteers in the "as needed" areas.

Split Second Timing arrives at the race site hours before the first volunteer will be there for the days activities. When the FIRST participant arrives, they are greeted with a set up Finishline and fully set up registration area. All volunteers are in place and are trained in their assignments by SST employees!

Split Second Timing has an extensive inventory of race management equipment that includes:

  • The Chronotrack Timing System (10 Full Systems)
  • Scaffold Finishline with decorative Banners
  • Four Inflatable Finish lines
  • 300 feet of Finishline Snowfence
  • Seventeen¬†Timing Clocks
  • Decorative Finish line flags 14 feet High
  • American Flags (8) 14 Feet High
  • Multiple Computers
  • 5 Lazer Printers for Quick Results
  • Four PA Systems
  • Generators
  • 600 Traffic Cones
  • Two Tents
  • Signage
  • Water Containers
  • Website for advertising your event
  • 24 Hour Answering Service

If you would like to find out more about how you can have Split Second Timing produce your event,

We at Split Second Timing look forward to hearing from you, and helping with your next event!


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