ChronoTrack Timing Systems

Minitrack SystemChronoTrack Systems is a transponder timing company that has developed a cost-effective timing system for athletic events including road races, biking and multisports. ChronoTrack has developed the single-use D-Tag, an all-weather design that attaches to the shoe. In the fall of 2009, ChronoTrack announced the next generation in UHF RFID tag timing: the B-Tag, a tag that stays attached to the race bib. ChronoTrack, in concert with its strategic partner, Impinj, Inc., has designed custom UHF RFID controllers and antennas that specifically read D-Tags and B-Tags in a racing environment. ChronoTrack offers full-service race timing packages including internationally certified race timers, bibs, tags and race timing equipment. ChronoTrack also markets its UHF RFID tag and timing equipment through its US and international partner network. The ChronoTrack headquarters are located in Evansville, IN.


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