Split Second Timing Team

Rick Stern, President/Partner
Rick put his first pair of running shoes on in 1960 and has kept them on ever since. As  a competitive athlete in high school, college as well as weekend road races, he learned the essential tools required to make an event a success. Applying his knowledge of how events work to his passion for running, he created Split Second Timing in 1978. Split Second Timing has been the leader in Race management in South Florida bringing Electronic Timing to the forefront  and Rick was the first person in North America to commercially introduce the Championchip Timing System to Race Management. Rick takes pride in producing events that are highly organized and is detail orientated. Rick believes that in order to be the best in the business you must stay ahead of your competition and provide whatever your client requires!


Josh Stern, Acting President/Partner
Josh, also a life long runner, has competed as a member of the Track & Field teams for both Lousiana State University and Towson University. After graduating college he started his career in Business Development at TESSCO Technologies where his focus was on developing the SMU market within the federal government arena, which transitioned into working for the government. Josh decided to pursue a desire to someday run the family business by joining the SST team full time. Josh is also the CEO and founder of WildSide Online Inc. USA and Nassau, Bahamas. Josh is currently spearheading the opening of our office in Koln, Germany!



Linda Stern, Executive Administrator
By default Linda joined Split Second Timing in 1978. Over the years she has learned the all the behind the scenes aspects of producing events. In the office Linda maintains nearly all the administrative duties in order for an event to be a success. Linda coordinates event-day registration and trains volunteers for chip distribution and collection as well.





Wayne Windsor, Event Operations Director
Wayne joined Split Second Timing over 20 years ago and is a pioneer in the event timing industry. With the acquisition of the ChronoTrack® Timing System, Wayne became an integral part of the SST team. Today Wayne supervises all finish line staff and volunteers, while making sure the timing system is functioning properly. You will always find Wayne at the finish line with the rest of the finsh line team.


Liz Ferrerio, Data Entry Specialist
Liz truly defines the name Split Second Timing. She can type faster than a speeding bullet and that is under the stress of event-day data entry. Liz also handles nearly all of the pre-race data entry for major events. You can always find Liz sitting at a scoring computer during an event.

Janet Windsor, Data Entry Specialist
Janet is responsible for the data input and compilation of the results using the ChronoTrack® Timing System. Janet can also be found under the tent helping with registration and making sure all procedures are done correctly so that each and every participant will receive a correct time and place.





Rey Alvarez, Finish Line Technical Supervisor
Rey offers an insightful viewpoint to every new event we undertake and never backs down from a job that is a challenge! When Rey is at the finish line the participants know that their times will be accurate and precise!


                                       Ivan Alvarez, Finish Line Technical Supervisor/Timing Technician
                                      Through Ivan's engineering skills and technical expertise, we can maintain all equipment in-house and adapt to any unforeseen issues on race day.




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